Shrink Wrap/Layher Keder Roof System

When you are looking for a solution to keep your work site dry – wrapping could just be the answer.

And the good news is, Peninsula Roofing & Scaffolding are now part of a trial to recycle our used Shrinkwrap in collaboration with ShrinkWrap Supplies Ltd. Each roll of film that we purchase from ShrinkWrap Supplies Ltd will come with the appropriate amount of bags needed to return it - free of charge!  The contents of the bag will be recycled back into resin here in NZ. It will then go on to be made into a new product – again right here in NZ. 

For the past 3 years we have been putting our used shrinkwrap aside, awaiting such an initiative.

What a wonderful solution to help alleviate the builder industry waste that has been in the limelight lately.



Safeguard your work schedule and conditions

While the initial cost might seem high, the time saving and ability to keep the internal areas of your structure dry and protected, soon out-weigh the costs associated with the erection of the Layher Keder Roof System (PVC sheet Tarpaulins) or shrink wrapping.  In some cases, both systems are used together to fully encaptulate a build. 

The Layher Keder Roof System, is constructed from lightweight aluminium and is a robust, portable and temporary weather protection system which can be used in residential, commercial and event projects. 

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With the option of constructing a mono or double pitched roof, we can span up to 18m wide and 24m deep. The PVC roof and wall tarpaulins are then inserted safely (by being pulled through a track) and removes the need for us to work on top of the structure. These roof and wall tarpaulins are environmentally friendly, as they are reusable and reduce the need for 'single-use' shrink wrap plastic sheeting.

Layher Keder Roof System

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As recommended in the GPG (Good Practice Guidelines) for Scaffolding, all our Keder Roof XL and shrinkwrap jobs are signed off by a NZ Professional Chartered Engineer (CPEng). This is to ensure that the encapsulated structures are safe and will tolerate the extreme weather conditions that we often experience here on the Coromandel Peninsula. We achieve this work easier with the help from the experts at Layher NZ.

Plan your build from start to finish and be confident that there will be no down time due to the weather!