Flashings & Sheet Metal

We manufacture our own sheet metal flashings right here in Whitianga!

This speeds up installation time, reduces the cost of freight and the chances of freight damage.


We manufacture window flashings, parapet cap flashings, barge flashings, apron flashings, valleys and eave flashings up to 6 metres long AND our folding machine allows us to slit, fold, incorporate ali-edging and swage large panel flashings all by the push of a button! 

We also have two smaller machines that enable us to manufacture smaller items like rain heads, chimney cap flashings and in fact anything that can be made out of a flat sheet of metal! 

We have a large range of COLORSTEELĀ® colours available, as well as Zincalume, Copper, Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Zinc and Aluminium so the flashings are made from material compatible with your roof; ensuring a professionally finished look.