Providing safe, compliant and fit for purpose scaffolding for residential and commercial, complex suspended builds, floor propping, temporary seating and grandstand.

While we predominantly use the Layher system scaffold, we also have the traditional tube and clip system, aluminium mobile towers and the ‘H’ frame (with timber planks) systems which gives us the ability to undertake any job. 
Our systems can be interlocked if required and complex builds like suspended scaffolding under bridges and over cliff faces are all possible. 

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Scaffolding is crucial to not only ensuring the safety of all people onsite but helping tradesmen operate more efficiently, speeding up construction. We build all our scaffolding to what best suits the builders & sub-contractors - Not what is easiest for the scaffolders! 

Health & Safety

We must comply with the Health & Safety Act

We take seriously our obligations under the Health & Safety Act 2015 to manage any risks to our workers and any other person that may be affected by their work.
This means that hazards must be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. Peninsula Roofing and Scaffolding undertake a comprehensive pre-handover check process, before officially handing the scaffold over to the client.  We then undertake a weekly inspection sign-off process, of every erected scaffold. 

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We have a fully qualified and competent staff member undertaking these weekly checks, and should scaffold not meet inspection requirements or be found to be incomplete or altered, immediate remedial work can be undertaken to ensure a safe scaffold before they leaves site.